DPB-250B-I Blister Packaging Machine

Products Category: Blister Packing Machine

It is the latest generation product in our company which adopting PLC Human Interface with frequency Converter high automation easy operation novel figure all-round-functions advanced technology stable running durable life conforms to "GMP Standard". It is an ideal blister packaging machine for AL/PL AL/AL Paper/PL packaging. It has passed Province technology production authentication.

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1. Equipped with inductive self-checking mechanism, it can eliminate the waste plate  with lack of particle, the qualified rate reaches 100%. (option)
2. The heat sealing station is fixed, the distances between forming, perforation and  punching etc. Units can be adjusted freely on the same plane and it is suitable for  all kinds of dimensions with high precision, strong adaptability.
3. Flat structure, registration heating, mechanic(positive pressure) forming, up and down net web, cylinder heating sealing , manipulator draw, adjustable stroke, lower noise and steady of operation.
4. Main transmission adopts imported gear reducer, with excellent performance, lower noise, long life, stable operation.
5. Cursor tracking register, sealing with tidiness and good-looking appearance. (The body can be manufactured separately in order to easily transport the machine into workshop). (Option)
6. It can be equipped with optical fiber or photographing checking device according  to the customers' requirements. 

Main Technical Parameters

Cutting Frequency (Times/min) AL/AL 6-35, Al/plastic paper/plastic 6-45 
Max. Forming area and depth (mm) AL/AL:240×150×9    AL/PL: 240×150×26
Stroke (mm) 40-160 can be manufactured as user's requirements
Standard Plate(mm) 80×57 can be manufactured as user's requirements
Air Pressure(Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Air supply ≥0.3 m³/min
Total Power 380V/220V 50Hz 6.2kw
Main Motor Power (kw) 1.5
Forming Aluminum(mm) 0.085-0.1×250
PVC Hard Pieces(mm) 0.15-0.5×250
PTP Aluminum Foil(mm) 0.02-0.035×250
Dialysis Paper(mm) 50-100g×250
Mould Cooling tap water or recycling water
Overall Dimensions(mm) 2710×720×1600(L×W×H)
Weight (kg) 1600


OPTICAL FIBER CHECKING DEVICE for rejecting when the blister was lacked of tablets Photocell Device PLC Human Interface, inside have program, can change data freely, more intelligent